Reporting changes

Changes in personal circumstances must be reported to the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) via myClearance.

Reportable changes

Changes that may affect suitability to hold a security clearance must be reported, including:

  • Change of name or identity, including gender.
  • Change in citizenship or nationality.
  • Change in significant relationships, including entering into, or ceasing, a marriage, domestic partnership or significant personal relationship.
  • Involvement or association with any group, society or organisation.
  • Involvement with any individual that may be a security concern.
  • Suspicious, unusual, persistent, regular or ongoing contact with foreign nationals.
  • Relatives residing in a foreign country.
  • Changes of address or share-housing arrangements.
  • Residence in a foreign country.
  • Change in financial circumstances, including entering into a mortgage, incurring a significant debt, significant change to household income, receiving a lump sum payment or other financial windfall.
  • Change of employer.
  • External business interests, including business activities with overseas individuals and entities.
  • Change in health or medical circumstances.
  • Change in criminal history, police involvement and association with criminal activity.
  • Disciplinary procedures.
  • Illicit or illegal drug use or alcohol problems.
  • Changes in religious beliefs.
  • Security incidents.
  • Overseas travel.
  • Identity document replacement following a cyber-hack, including driver’s licence, passport and Medicare card.

Changing employer and sponsorship

A security clearance holder must be sponsored by their current employer or contract manager. A sponsor must be an Australian Government entity or Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) entity.

When changing jobs, a security clearance holder must ensure their new employer registers sponsorship of their clearance. Security clearances without a sponsor will be made inactive and may be cancelled.

Political and religious beliefs

Reportable changes in religious or political beliefs include:

  • Changes in political convictions that result in active support of or participation in a political cause.
  • Major changes in religious philosophy, such as from Christian to Buddhist or Muslim to atheist.

Changes in voting preference do not need to be reported.

Contact details

Personal contact details must be kept current in myClearance to ensure receipt of all correspondence from AGSVA.