Sponsoring a new clearance

Employment screening

Entity specific checks or employment screening should be completed before sponsoring a security clearance. Any adverse finding must be reported to the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA).

Priority security clearance assessment processing

Priority processing can be requested when requesting a security clearance assessment in myClearance if there is an exceptional business need.

If the security clearance assessment is already in progress the priority processing request form must be submitted.

SVA017 Request for Priority Processing of a Security Clearance (PDF 189.26 KB)

Temporary access to classified resources

Temporary access to classified resources can be requested in certain situations.

A SVA046 – Temporary Access to Classified Resources Request for Information form must be submitted to AGSVA. The form can be requested by emailing securityclearances@defence.gov.au.

AGSVA’s response will provide details of any known security concerns about the individual, which must be used to inform a risk assessment.

Recognition and transfer of non-AGSVA security clearances

AGSVA can recognise security clearances granted by an Australian Government authorised vetting agency to allow access to Australian Government classified resources.

A non-AGSVA security clearance can be transferred to AGSVA management if:

  • An individual holds a current or reinstateable security clearance granted by an authorised vetting agency.
  • The granting agency no longer holds a requirement to maintain a security clearance for the individual.
  • The individual is moving to an Australian Government agency position that requires a security clearance.

Foreign nationals and citizenship waivers

In order to access classified resources foreign nationals are required to hold a foreign security clearance recognised by the Australian Government under an international Security of Information Agreement or Arrangement.

Defence Security of Information Agreements - Arrangements (SIAs) (PDF 490.42 KB)

If a foreign national does not hold a recognised foreign security clearance, and does not meet the Australian citizenship eligibility requirement for an AGSVA security clearance, a citizenship waiver may be considered in exceptional circumstance such as:

  • The foreign national is necessary to meeting a critical objective.
  • The role cannot be redesigned so that access to classified information or resources is restricted.
  • The role cannot be performed by an Australian citizen.
  • There is no conflict of interest in relation to the foreign national’s country of allegiance and the role being undertaken.
  • The foreign national is a permanent resident, is actively seeking citizenship and the process will be concluded in a reasonable period.

The Eligibility Waiver Notification form must be completed and emailed to securityclearances@defence.gov.au prior to the security clearance assessment request being submitted in myClearance.

The foreign national will be asked to provide supporting immigration and residency documents directly to AGSVA.

Cancelling a security clearance assessment

A security clearance assessment can be cancelled via the 'Withdraw clearance request' function in myClearance.