Managing an existing clearance

Sponsoring an existing clearance holder

A clearance holder may have multiple sponsors at varying levels of clearance if required concurrently by different entities.

Sponsoring entities must register interest in a clearance holder if they need to hold a security clearance, even if they are already sponsored by another entity.

Upgrading or downgrading a security clearance

Clearance holders must have the appropriate level of security clearance for their job requirement.

An existing security clearance can be upgraded via myClearance. Where a lower level security clearance is required the Security Officer must remove interest in the security clearance and register interest at the lower level.

Reinstating a security clearance

A security clearance can be reinstated via myClearance, if specific conditions are met. Before submitting a request:

  • confirm the current security clearance requirement
  • check if a security clearance was granted under a previous name.

The clearance holder will need to notify AGSVA of any changes in personal circumstance, and may need to undergo additional assessments and background checks.