Administrative responsibilities

Security Officers are responsible for reporting on:

  • staff movements in their entity that affect a clearance holders clearance level requirements or suitability to hold a clearance
  • when clearance holders go on long-term leave
  • concerning behaviour in clearance holders
  • other security responsibilities, managed by the corporate security sections of an entity.


myClearance is used for all security clearance related processes, including:

  • Updating Chief Security Officer and Security Officer contact details.
  • Requesting and removing sponsorship of security clearances.
  • Submitting notifiable information reports.
  • Requesting priority processing of security clearance assessments.
  • Checking progress of security clearance assessments.
SVA016 Request for myClearance Portal Security Officer Access (PDF 133.51 KB)

Reporting notifiable information

Clearance holders must be monitored for significant behavioural changes.

Behavioural changes that must be notified to the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) include:

  • disciplinary actions
  • security incidents.