Assessment process

A security clearance assessment is conducted by the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) in order to evaluate a security clearance application.


AGSVA will send clearance applicants important information and instructions regarding the security clearance assessment via email.

Text messages will be sent to clearance applicants when:

  • a security clearance application has been initiated
  • additional information or documentation is required
  • the security clearance assessment has been finalised.

Clearance applicants may also be contacted directly by an AGSVA representative via email or phone if necessary.


Once a security clearance application has been initiated by a sponsor, clearance applicants will have 20 business days to provide information and documents via AGSVA’s online security clearance portal - myClearance.

If clearance applicants are unable to provide a required document, a Statutory Declaration must be submitted.

Statutory Declaration form (PDF 25.86 KB)

If clearance applicants do not provide the required information and documents, the security clearance assessment may be delayed or cancelled.

Privacy and consent

Clearance applicants must provide their consent to participate in the security clearance assessment as per the AGSVA privacy statement.


The security clearance assessment explores personal and sensitive aspects of the clearance applicant’s life, such as relationships, criminal offences, legal history, finances, illegal substance use, and associations.

Clearance applicants are required to provide truthful information. Withholding information or being untruthful may cast doubt on the clearance applicant’s suitability and therefore affect the outcome.

Why Does AGSVA Get Personal (PDF 514.23 KB)

Identity documents

AGSVA requires identity documents such as birth, marriage, divorce and Australian citizenship certificates to be uploaded. These documents will need to be requested from the issuing authority if not in the clearance applicant’s possession.

Personnel security checks

AGSVA may conduct personnel security checks as part of the security clearance assessment, including:

  • identity verification
  • personal information and document assessment
  • citizenship status
  • referee checks
  • travel history check
  • digital footprint check
  • national police check
  • security assessment interview
  • ASIO assessment
  • financial questionnaire
  • financial probity check
  • psychological assessment.

Additional checks and interviews may be conducted during the security clearance assessment as required.

Assessment outcome

Once the security clearance assessment has been finalised, clearance applicants and sponsors are notified of the outcome.


AGSVA Security Clearance Applicant Guide Book (PDF 652.42 KB)