Key performance indicators

The Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) tracks performance to ensure key performance indicators (KPI) are met.

There are 3 categories of KPI targets outlined in the AGSVA Service Level Charter:

  • timeliness
  • customer experience
  • quality.
AGSVA Service Level Charter 2023-2024 (PDF 343.23 KB)

The AGSVA Annual Update provides KPI target outcomes in each category for the reporting year.

AGSVA Annual Update 2022-23 (PDF 1.3 MB)

The current median data for 2023-2024 as at 21 May 2024, is reported in the following table.

Clearance level KPI target FY23-24 median processing timeframes Month on Month median processing timeframes
Baseline 20 days 14 days 11 days
Negative Vetting 1 70 days 73 days 39 days
Negative Vetting 2 100 days 103 days 66 days
Positive Vetting 180 days 157 days 161 days
Positive Vetting priority 90 days 90 days N/A